Our notebooks are proudly Brazilian, completely customizable, and known for its exceptional quality and high performance. We affectionately refer to our products as:
The best solution for your day!

Build your perfect custom notebook with

Optimize the process with the use of discs, refills, and accessories, making it effortless to rearrange sections and replace full pages as necessary.​

1. Change the cover!
Easily give your notebook a makeover by changing the front and back covers. Hold the first disc firmly and use your other hand to pull the cover from top to bottom.

2. Change the elastic band!
Remove the elastic band from the base  inside the back cover of the notebook and reposition the new elastic band to fit on the cover.

3. Swap out the discs!
Once you’ve taken out all the pages, simply remove the discs one by one, using the cover and back cover for support.

4. You can PRINT!


Our brand was established in Brazil in 2010 with the mission to enhance our consumers’ planning, organization, and lifestyle through a unique, comprehensive, and fully customizable solution. As an interesting fact, our brand in Brazil is known as “Caderno Inteligente”, which translates to “Smart Notebook” in Portuguese and To better align with American culture, we chose to adapt it to “Create a Notebook by Caderno Inteligente”. 

Authenticity and innovation are the essence of our brand, where limitless possibilities become reality. We operate in 11 countries across Latin America, North America, Europe, and Africa, with a significant digital presence. Our five factory yards are located in the state of São Paulo. All production and raw materials are 100% Brazilian.                                                                       

Honesty and ethics are unwavering values for us. Inspiration drives everything we do. We treasure diversity, as people with various backgrounds and experiences bring different perspectives to our work. We believe that work should be enjoyable because it’s the foundation of creativity. We place our trust in the power of collaboration, where teamwork, based on trust and engagement, is the key to success.

We’re passionate about our products and the dedicated team that has made Create a Notebook by Caderno Inteligente the leading brand in the Latin American discbound market.





100% brazilian


Create a Notebook by Caderno Inteligente
and discover a world of unlimited possibilities.​

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